Dhatim has appointed Pierre Lasry, founder of Lowendalmasaï, as Senior Advisor

Pierre Lasry will bring his skills and entrepreneurial experience in cost management to Dhatim.
Dhatim, the leading software provider of automated spend management and cost control digitization, is proud to announced that Pierre Lasry has been appointed as Senior Advisor. He will help Dhatim strengthen its expertise in cost management thanks to his experience in business performance consulting.

In 1992, Pierre Lasry founded Lowendalmasaï, pioneer in business performance, and sold it to Alma Consulting in 2015. The merger of the two companies became Ayming, the leading international Business Performance consulting group.

Then, Pierre Lasry founded Auraïa based in Geneva, specialized in mergers and acquisitions, to help entrepreneurs expand their companies.
“The appointment of Pierre Lasry as Senior Advisor will help Dhatim to better answer to business performance issues of our customers in purchasing and HR. By merging our automated spend management platform based on AI and Machine learning Dhatim Conciliator™ with Pierre Lasry’s consulting experience, we will bring our expertise to new industries” said Thomas Bourgeois, CEO and co-founder of Dhatim.

“I am very impressed by the innovative technology developed by Dhatim. Using Big Data and AI to detect inconsistencies in invoices and generate cost savings is a great opportunity for all companies. I am pleased to join this talented team who is carrying out a beautiful project and is fully commited to the wave of procurement digitization” declared Pierre Lasry.

Dhatim has appointed Pierre Lasry, founder of Lowendalmasaï, as Senior Advisor
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